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  • Tree Removal

where we directionally fell the tree into the desired space. It is a lot harder than you would think as we need to consider all the factors and any hazards that could be a problem before this can be undertaken.


  • Tree Dismantling

where we climb and dismantle the tree using rigging equipment or use a mobile elevated work platform (MEWP) to access the tree for dismantling. These methods ensure the safety of all objects within the immediate area.


  • Tree Crown Reductions

Reshaping and reducing the size of the trees canopy to ensure the tree does not get too overgrown in the space available. We recommend 10-30% reduction depending on species. This involves pruning the branches back to suitable growth or pollard points to reshape and reduce the overall size of the tree.


  • Tree Pruning

The removal of selected branches to benefit the tree and increase healthy growth. Removal of all the dead, dangerous and dying branches also helps prevent pests and diseases from infecting the tree and any deadwood becoming a hazard.

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  • Tree Crown Thinning

where we remove a percentage of the internal growth from the tree to reduce the density of the crown. By undertaking this work allows more light and air to pass through which can benefit various aspects of the tree and surrounding area. This will also decrease the chances of the tree being blown over in high winds.


  • Removal Of Deadwood

Where we removal the deadwood from within a trees canopy. This can benefit the trees general health if done correctly. You will need to consider deadwood removal if there is a potential danger from dead branches falling from the tree.


  • Crown Lifting A Tree

Carried out to increase the distance between the ground and the lower branches of the tree. This is to  either allow access below the tree or make for clear lines of sight and improve your views or allow more light to reach to the ground.

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  • Preservation Order

Some trees and hedges may be protected and have a tree preservation order (TPO).

Where this is the case no work can be carried out on these trees without prior approval of your local planning authority.


This process can take up to 4-8 weeks (depending on the circumstances) to gain approval. We can undertake this on your behalf or you can gain pre-approval where required.


Our tree surgeons are fully NPTC qualified and conform to the industry Arboriculture and Forestry Advisory Group [AFAG] Codes of Practice and The Forest Industry Safety Accord [FISA]